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The EU released a statement recently saying that UK residents will no longer be able to register or renew .eu internet domains. As I reside in the UK my old website ( will have to disappear and I'm in the process of building a shiny new website here at It will take a while to move over the resources used.

I've taken the opportunity to play with the design and waste huge amounts of time deciding which fonts to use. For anyone that's interested I use Cheltenham for body text. That choice was influenced by the New York Times website, where they wanted the newspaper to appear traditional but not old fashioned. I've also used Helvetica Neue and a Google handwriting font called Rock Salt. I've also implemented an SSL certificate: so you should see a small padlock in your browser to show everything is secure.

Another addition is a page where you can access my arrangements and compositions; I always meant to do this on my old website but never had the time. Over the next year (I was going to say few months but, well you know...) I'll convert my stuff to PDFs so that you can download them from an email link.

The number of days to Brexit countdown that is shown on the TV news these days is also a countdown to when I should have completed the move of my lovely partner's (Sarah Markham) website from .eu to Loads of days left....... [EDIT: job completed, phew].

If you've ever seen the TED talk by Tim Urban: 'Inside the mind of a master procrastinator', you'll know exactly what I mean.

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