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New arrangement for saxophone quartet: Quartet in D minor

I've arranged the second quartet from Giovanni Gambaro's Tre Quartetti for saxophone quartet. It shares all the characteristics of a classical work: well defined melodies, clear cadences, elegance. That's what it says on Wikipedia....


Moving from .eu to .co.uk

The EU released a statement recently saying that UK residents will no longer be able to register or renew .eu internet domains. As I reside in the UK my old website (www.kennethwilkinson.eu) will have to disappear


The Princess and the Pea

A couple of weeks ago my alto saxophone wasn’t working properly. I’d tried adjusting it to make it better, as I always do, it’s a kind of prevarication to delude myself that the instrument is working. I fiddle with the G# mechanism and the long Bb adjustment, and mess around with the front high F. All to no avail.


From the Inside Out

In July our saxophone quartet Quirk travelled to Zagreb in Croatia to perform at the World Saxophone Congress. We saw many great players and heard amazing new compositions. I talked to my hero Jean-Marie Londeix and was shown an altissimo range A fingering to be used at a low dynamic range by Nobuya Sugawa. It was wall-to-wall saxophone geekery.


Triadic Chromatic Approach to improvisation

Whenever you get a bunch of musicians together, usually someone shares a revelation related to the music. The trombonist Richard Baker told me about an improvisation technique that the tenor saxophonist George Garzone has been working on for decades.


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